Gypsum Cutting and Fitting Procedures standard

As Gypsum experts we always like to provide information regarding Gypsum board installations. They require careful planning: accurate measuring, cutting and fitting are very important. In residential buildings with ceiling heights under 8′1″, wallboard is best installed at right angles (perpendicular) to framing members as this orientation of the panels leaves fewer joints to finish. On long walls, horizontally attaching boards of the maximum practical length will minimize the number of butt joints. Avoid using damaged board. Information source:

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Why choose Ocean Interiors Malta image

Ocean Interiors Malra are a group of experienced Gypsum Ceiling Fixers who have been in the business for the past 26 years, 16 years here in Malta and 10 years in the U.K. Our portfolio includes a vast range of projects, both commercial and domestic. Domestic works include complete houses and villas. We have built a great reputation across Malta and even further afield. Should you or your company require any Gypsum Suspended Ceilings or Partitions, we would greatly appreciate being given the opportunity to meet with you in order to explore the possibility of mutual co-operation.

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What is Gypsum Board? image

Gypsum board is the generic name for a family of panel products that consist of a noncombustible core, composed primarily of gypsum, and a paper surfacing on the face, back and long edges. Gypsum board is one of several building materials covered by the umbrella term “gypsum panel products.” All gypsum panel products contain gypsum cores; however, they can be faced with a variety of different materials, including paper and fiberglass mats. Gypsum board is often called drywall, wallboard, or plasterboard. It differs from other panel-type building products, such as plywood, hardboard, and fiberboard, because of its noncombustible core and paper facers. When joints and fastener heads are covered with a joint compound system, gypsum wall board creates a continuous ...

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